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Do you keep saying, “If I could just find a great massage therapist near me?” Just need a tune up? Need a little quiet time away from New York City or the office? The massage therapy NYC program is just what you need. Our spa environment in midtown, New York will soothe your mind while our expert hands give you the attention you need. Why settle for a low quality spa massage when you can have the best of both worlds? We want to raise the bar for what is considered a ‘good’ massage. Everyone can benefit from an informed massage therapy treatment. We have a number of ways to help you relax, repair, and recover. Check our prices or visit us in Midtown, New York today!


Are you one of New York’s competitive athletes? There are a number of maintenance issues and injuries that come with being the best at what you do and sports massage can help. We can help you prepare for the event of your life, recover from it, or maintain the great shape you are in already… Read More about Sports Massage Therapy >


The prenatal massage NYC program was designed especially for New York moms after the owners years of experience working as a prenatal massage care expert. Pamper yourself and find relief from the aches and pains of a changing body… Read More About Prenatal Massage Therapy>


Approximately 35 million Americans suffer from TMJ. While TMJ massage is not necessarily its own treatment style, we believe it deserves its own category because of the syndrome’s location and the way it is treated. Jaw pain and cervical pain are no fun… More About TMJ Massage Therapy > 


Runners have special sports massage needs and maintenance is a must. There is a 17% injury rate in CrossFit. We can help with your running and crossfit massage needs… Read More About Runners Massage Therapy & Crossfit Massage Therapy>


In a perfect world, no one gets hurt, but sometimes life is less than perfect. Our bodies are road maps of our histories, and sometimes it is a long bumpy journey. ​​​​​​​ We can help get you on the right track by assisting you in managing anxiety, pain, posture changes, scar tissue, fascia restrictions and your healing process… Read More About Medical Massage Therapy>



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Beret is a fantastic massage therapist. She knows how to focus on your individual needs and has a wide variety of training which is evident in her practice. She is very easy to communicate with and the setting is always comfortable and relaxing. She never ‘wings’ her massages and does not go into autopilot, which has happened before with other therapists.  She is strong, intuitive, well-trained and always present. She always gives an amazing and unique massage, whether you like deep tissue, Swedish/relaxation or a sports massage.  I highly recommend doing yourself a favor and trying her out.

Paco L
Brooklyn, NY