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Orthopedic Runners Massage therapy NYCRUNNERS MASSAGE THERAPY PROGRAM

Runners have special sports massage therapy needs and maintenance is a must. 74% of runners will have a mild to serious injury while training this year. Whether you just like to throw on your kicks and hit it once in a while or you’re into going the distance in New York, we can help with your running massage therapy needs.

This runners massage NYC program is designed with runners in mind, and addresses the separate needs of barefoot and traditional runners alike. Whatever your issue is, whether it’s occasional plantar fasciitis, struggling with your IT bands, or just thinking that after 26.2 you deserve it… We want to help. With all runners a full assessment of mobility, injuries and goals will be made before we work on the parts most dear to you. Get a sports massage made for a runner!

The runners’ sports massage therapy treatment follows orthopedic protocol, and includes deep tissue massage, fascia work in thickened areas, and stretching of various kinds. Each treatment is geared toward the client’s own needs and injury history. We are well acquainted with all runner’s issues in both acute and chronic, including tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, low back pain, joint pain, tracking issues, IT band troubles and more. Treatments may include heat or ice, dependent on need. The goal is to create space in compressed areas, relieve areas where there is undue friction, increase circulation and activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. For additional support, be sure to check out our recovery tips page. Check our prices or visit us in Midtown NYC today.

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Came here looking for a massage after a trip where I managed to tear my bicep. I came in and told her my sob story about my arm and she patiently listened and then asked to take a look at it. She felt around and said “I can help you with this.” Long story short, my body’s reaction to the trauma meant that, amongst other things, I could have permanently restricted mobility. She went to work and fixed me up! I have full mobility in my arm. I also have issues with my achilles tendon due to tendonitis. This was again something that Beret was able to help me with. She massaged out some of the scar tissue which increased my mobility and accelerated my healing.

Chris L.
New York, New York