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Each one of our staff members is a licensed massage therapist who has gone above and beyond in training. They have been hand-selected for Orthopedic massage and working with injury because they excel in more than one area. Each has gone through a training program organized by the owner, who attended a massage school in Canada, where massage is a much more challenging full rehabilitory medical program. New York massage therapists have some of the highest standards of education in the country, so with supplemental training, they excel. Each massage therapist additionally holds insurance and an NPI (national provider identifier)

If you do not see a modality listed that you are looking for, please ask; many things fall under our ‘core knowledge’. We do not technically work by modality but by utilizing the right technique for the problem or injury.

Many of our licensed New York Massage therapists work at both locations (Midtown near the Empire State Building and Columbus Circle). Their area of work is listed on their profile as well as their days.



You do not have to choose us, but we encourage you to choose a solo practitioner, or a small company that treats their workers fairly. When you book with us, you are choosing a fully licensed professional who will do a full assessment, check in with you, who cares deeply about their work and about keeping you safe.

Beret Loncar Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Therapist



Karina - Medical and Sports LMT (Bilingual)

<span>Karina</span> - Medical and Sports LMT (Bilingual)

Mon, Wed & Fri AM

54th Street

Karina is a graduate of the New York College of Health Professions and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016.

Karina works through intuition and she likes to put herself in her client’s/patient’s shoes and treat them how she would like to be treated. Karina believes, “It is our duty to make sure that our clients/patients do not walk out with what they came in with. They should float out.

Karina is cheerful, friendly and a bit of a class clown. She just wants to heal the world, one body at a time.

Karina specializes in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Reflexology, Cupping and Stretching. Is fluent in Spanish.

Jorelle - Medical, Prenatal, Sports and TMJ LMT- (former nurse)

<span>Jorelle</span> - Medical, Prenatal, Sports and TMJ LMT- (former nurse)

Mon, Tue & Wed PM

54th Street

Jorelle is a native New Yorker who was born and raised in Harlem. Being an avid martial artist and outdoor enthusiast, she began her journey in Healthcare by becoming a licensed nurse and served marginalized communities for more than 10 years.

Now a NYS and nationally Licensed Massage Therapist, she is focused on helping clients to become more aware and connected to their own bodies.

Since graduating, with honors, from Pacific College of Health and Science in 2021, she has worked in a high-volume facility on patients of varying backgrounds and ages. Jorelle is a goal-oriented bodyworker, who tailors her session to each client’s needs, and is a firm believer that movement is medicine.

A member of the American Massage Therapist Association, she is dedicated to continuing her education and pulls from her medical knowledge and experience to help clients do the things they love longer.

Nora - Medical, Sports LMT

<span>Nora</span> - Medical, Sports  LMT

Nora Correa was raised in Colombia, South America, moved to the United States in 1996, sharing life with nine siblings, she learned how to care about people.


She graduated as MT of the Swedish Institute and licensed in New York state, by working in a physical therapy chiropractic office and continuing education her base knowledge in pathology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and injury assessment brings her to one goal in her job.

“Treating clients through soft tissue manipulation while maintaining a safe and relaxing experience

Sef - Medical, Sports LMT

<span>Sef</span> - Medical, Sports LMT

Sun PM

34th Street

My background as a dancer drew me to bodywork in an effort to cultivate a lifelong commitment to movement and body awareness. I started my work as a Feldenkrais practitioner and decided to continue in massage to develop a greater variety of touch and anatomical knowledge. During my time at PCHS, I felt consistently attracted to modalities that integrate an explicit nervous system approach to chronic pain. Learning from Matthew was one of the highlights of my time in the program. I’m hoping to learn more orthopedic skills in my growth as an LMT. Outside of massage, my capacity for considering diverse access needs has grown from providing access services for Disabled artists and audiences across New York City. I enjoy working with clients of different ages, abilities/neurotypes, orientations and cultural backgrounds.

Anna - Medical, Sports and TMJ LMT

<span>Anna</span> - Medical, Sports and TMJ LMT

Fri PM

54th Street

Anna graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Toronto in 2017 and has since then practiced in Canada as a Registered Massage Therapist and in New York State as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

With a toolbox of techniques and skills that includes orthopedic massage, trigger point therapy, Thai massage, prenatal massage, intra-oral massage for TMJ dysfunction, breast/chest massage, deep tissue, oncology massage, medical acupuncture, integrative manual therapy, reflexology, Shiatsu and cupping, Anna actively listens to her clients’ needs and applies a client-centered and holistic approach rooted in a clinical foundation in order to improve their daily lives.

Her experience in recovery and maintenance treatments such as frozen shoulder, sciatica, tennis elbow, tension headaches, TMJ dysfunction, sprains and strains, and chronic back pain, allows her to incorporate multiple modalities in her sessions and release the tension and pain that her clients carry in their bodies.

By creating positive therapeutic relationships with her clients, Anna aims at establishing a nurturing, trustworthy and tailored environment so that their path to wellbeing can be empowered by their own participation in the process.

Delany - Medical, Sports LMT

<span>Delany</span> - Medical, Sports LMT

Tues & Sat PM

34th Street

Delaney was raised in Upstate New York along the Canadian border before she moved to New York City at 19. Always having an interest in the human body and being raised by an incredible massage therapist she learned that this practice was a perfect fit. Delaney has been active all her life; staying involved in various sports including yoga, pilates, skiing, and mountain hiking.

While studying at Pacific College of Health and Science, she became fascinated with the use of massage, movement, and an understanding of the nervous system to create change in the body. Driven by her own curiosity, she’s excited to build great professional relationships and harness this incredible form of collaborative healing.

Jessica D. - Medical, Sports LMT

Sun AM & Mon PM

54th Street

Jessica is a graduate of the Swedish Institute with experience as a personal trainer. She is driven to help clients with their pain management and wellness goals. Her massage is a fusion of techniques including myofascial, cupping, trigger point, neurokinetic therapy and mobilizations, that are adjusted to each individuals needs. She also works with individuals post injury, and uses different forms of breath work to enhance massage goals. She is passionate in providing a space to facilitate healing and bringing an overall balance to the body.

Jessica is an NYC native, she enjoys weightlifting, cycling, listening to an assortment of podcasts, as well as caring for her plants and cats.

Tania - Medical and Sports LMT (Bilingual)

<span>Tania</span> - Medical and Sports LMT (Bilingual)

Tue & Wed PM

34th Street

Tania’s been an LMT since 1994 and a manual therapy educator for over a decade. Her approaches to practice are guided by patient-centered care principles, along with a passion for continued exploration and learning.

As a lifelong mover, Tania incorporates the principles of martial arts, contact improvisation and yoga to empower clients in their well-being. Aside from providing massage, she enjoys writing science-based content for massage therapists and tinkering with new ideas with her peers.

Above all, Tania is an eternal student who loves helping people find peace and comfort in their bodies. She’s a Brooklyn native, avid gardener, and animal lover with a knack for MacGyvering almost anything. Se habla español y un poquito ASL.

Emanuel - Sports, Therapeutic, Prenatal, Lead for our stretch program LMT (Trilingual)

<span>Emanuel</span> - Sports, Therapeutic, Prenatal, Lead for our stretch program LMT (Trilingual)

Fri & Sat AM

34th Street

Emanuel started his career in the health and wellness industry as a certified fitness trainer and has evolved his skills into a massage therapist. Emanuel pulls from his athletic experiences in football, track running, and martial arts to inform his work with clients seeking sports massage. He enjoys cycling and is a rock climbing enthusiast who also volunteers at the New York City marathon. These experiences give him the ability to sympathize and empathize with clients because he, too, has gone through pain, injury, and, most importantly, recovery. He is a senior staff member and can work with many types of injuries or disabilities. He currently heads up our stretch program and trains our staff.

He recently underwent our frozen shoulder training. Is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese

Get to know Emanuel better by reading his Therapist Profile

Yvette - Medical and Sports LMT (Bilingual)

<span>Yvette</span> - Medical and Sports LMT (Bilingual)

Sun, Mon, Fri & Sat AM

34th Street

Yvette has been practicing massage therapy for 20 years. A graduate of the Swedish Institute and licensed in New York, Yvette is known for her intuitive touch, her ability to soothe and restore aching muscles. She can easily fluctuate between the lightest touch to the deepest pressure. Her experience and knowledge has allowed her to provide effective treatments for clients.

She has successfully treated clients with frozen shoulders, sciatica and lower back pain. Yvette’s goal is always to provide a customized massage experience that will leave her clients feeling renewed. Is fluent in Spanish.

Steve - Medical, Sports and TMJ LMT (Bilingual)

<span>Steve</span> - Medical, Sports and TMJ LMT (Bilingual)

Tue PM, Fri PM & Sat AM

54th Street

Steve, a dedicated sports enthusiast and experienced weightlifter, developed a profound appreciation for preventative and rehabilitative treatment following two significant wrist injuries during his years of lifting. In 2021, Steve graduated from Queensborough’s Massage Therapy Program, specializing in medical and sports-based massage. Since his graduation, he has collaborated with chiropractors to treat various conditions, including scoliosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, pregnancy discomfort, TMJ pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, and more. His clientele spans athletes, musicians, dancers, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Steve incorporates techniques such as myofascial release, active release technique, trigger point therapy and cupping therapy.

Employing orthopedic assessments, he identifies root causes to tailor personalized plans for his clients and strives to understand your reasons for massage by delving into your daily activities. Steve firmly believes in the mantra that movement is medicine. Is fluent in Spanish.

Ray - Medical and Sports LMT

<span>Ray</span> - Medical and Sports LMT

Sun PM

34th Street

Ray (he/his/him) is all about healing and well-being. His journey began at the Pacific College of Health and Science, where he now explores the fascinating wisdom of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. His treatments draw inspirations and techniques from a diverse range of traditions like Swedish, Tui Na, Thai, Shiatsu, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point release, and sports massage.

Ray’s journey is a continuous quest to unravel the mysteries of pain and its remedies. He is a firm believer in the science behind our practice and strive for evidence-based excellence. Most importantly, when you come to his treatment, you’ll find a warm, welcoming space where all gender identities and life experiences are celebrated and embraced, and where his singular focus is to help you find healing and solace.

Carlos - Sports, Medical, Prenatal, TMJ LMT

<span>Carlos</span> - Sports, Medical, Prenatal, TMJ LMT

Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat PM

34th Street and 54th Street

Carlos has been a massage therapist for the last 15 years. He graduated from the Swedish Institute in 2007. Growing up, he practiced karate, boxing, and Muay Thai. These experiences inspired him to help others in the sports world through massage. He specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, and myofascial techniques. With the knowledge and experience he has gained, he has been able to help others heal and relieve pain. In 2015 to 2018 he participated in the US Open, working alongside amazing massage therapists! He’s been an AMTA member since 2009. When he’s not massaging, he enjoys cooking, writing, taking walks around the city, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and acting for film and tv.

Chasi - Medical, Sports and Lymphatic LMT

<span>Chasi</span> - Medical, Sports and Lymphatic LMT

Tue AM & Wed PM

34th Street

Chasi came to practice massage as an athlete, a mom, and a busy photographer. She’s traveled the world with her camera – teaching and photographing in Antarctica, the Arctic, India, Russia, and at home in NYC. Passionate about her work, but frequently in pain, Chasi found that almost nothing helped her body feel better than a thoughtful, well-targeted massage. Wanting to learn & do more, Chasi enrolled in the massage therapy program at Pacific College of Health & Science where she studied pain science, orthopedics, Swedish, & Thai massage before graduating with honors.

As a mom herself, Chasi loves to work with parents and is certified in Prenatal massage as well as massage for labor & delivery. She feels that regularly receiving massage is beneficial not only for her own pain management but also deeply informs her work with clients as well.

Thomas - Deep Tissue, Myofascial, TMD, Prenatal Massage LMT

<span>Thomas</span> - Deep Tissue, Myofascial, TMD, Prenatal Massage LMT

Mon, Wed & Fri PM

34th Street

Thomas chose to be a massage therapist because he felt it was the best way to help people as a career. After getting his license, he mentored at Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage for 2 years, perfecting his technique and building rapports before being hired. Now, with Body for 4 years – and licensed for 7- Thomas has accrued a client base that know they can rely on him if they suffer with chronic and acute pain, want to relieve migraines, are seeking DEEP pressure, or are want to improve their overall wellness.

He works to build a strong and honest relationship with clients by keeping them informed at all times about what he is doing and why. His skills are based strictly on a foundation of evidence-based science, in regards to massage, pain, and movement – so his goal in every treatment is to build a strong and honest relationship with you by keeping you informed at all times about what he is doing and why because he believes your healing is rooted within you.

Vincent - Medical, Rehabilitative, Sports Massage, Stretch program LMT

<span>Vincent</span> - Medical, Rehabilitative, Sports Massage, Stretch program LMT

Thu PM, Fri & Sat AM

34th Street and 54th Street

Vincent has been a therapist for 4 years and has worked in a variety of settings with a gamut of clientele: Athletes/Athletic Teams (Pro and Amateur), Luxury Clients, Trauma affected, Post Surgery/rehabilitative, etc. . He moved to NYC in 2021 after becoming licensed in Arizona in 2019.

Vincent is goal oriented. He is interested in targeting pain and expanding the treatment to encompass overall health and wellness needs. This allows him to develop a better approach to develop long term-holistic chronic pain management. This usually calls for more of a slow and intense session involving deep tissue and myofascial work. He can be personable and inquisitive, or quiet and attentive. Either way, he likes to provide care and make sure the bodywork you receive is worthwhile and memorable.

Austin - Medical, Sports, Stretch Program, Cupping, Prenatal, Lymphatic LMT

<span>Austin</span> - Medical, Sports, Stretch Program, Cupping, Prenatal, Lymphatic LMT

Tue, Thu, Fri PM & Sat AM

34th Street

Austin (he/him) is a movement enthusiast who earned his degree in massage therapy from Pacific College of Health and Science here in New York. He is a massage therapist as well as a registered yoga instructor with a focus in breathwork, meditation, and restorative yoga and also an avid cyclist.

He has a wonderful understanding of body movement and pathology. In his sessions, he always makes sure the client is comfortable and he is an excellent communicator. It was during an internship providing sports massage at The Joffrey Ballet School that Austin really found his passion for sports and orthopedic work. He now calls on a multitude of modalities to help his clients manage pain, find a greater range of motion and a greater sense of calm.

Austin specializes in Swedish, sports, deep tissue and therapeutic techniques as well as assisted stretching and Thai massage. He has also completed 20 hrs of lymphatic certifications.  He is a sincere and caring individual who appreciates any opportunity to provide meaningful work and see folks move through the world a little easier.

Jessica M. - TMD, Medical, Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Stretch Program LMT

<span>Jessica M.</span> - TMD, Medical, Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Stretch Program LMT

Sun, Mon AM, Thu PM & Fri AM

34th Street and 54th Street

Jess is our Brooklyn “stretchy-flexi” LMT. She graduated with honors from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC and is certified in Thai massage. Jess is passionate about movement (especially stretching); she’s a fitness enthusiast with a background in gymnastics and pole sport. Aside from her devotion to health/wellness and her natural nurturing nature to care for others, Jess was also born with a visual impairment. But in lieu of her disability, she believes she gained a more amplified connection to her sense of touch. Jess found comfort in her work and due to her need to understand and learn kinetically massage and stretch therapy has made her job of playing detective with people’s bodies that much more fulfilling.

Jess’ goal is to use science and bodywork as her tools to aid her clients through the physical a/o emotional trauma that persists and produces pain in the body, improve current movement patterns, and provide a safe space for the clients self-discovery. She assists and encourages clients to stay consistent and educated on what works best for their individual needs, in hopes they maintain control of their own body throughout this often frustrating “no quick fix” process of managing pain.

Addy - Sports, Therapeutic, Prenatal, TMJ, 2nd Stretch Captain, TMD LMT - (Bilingual)

<span>Addy</span> - Sports, Therapeutic, Prenatal, TMJ, 2nd Stretch Captain, TMD LMT - (Bilingual)

Tue, Wed & Thu AM

34th Street and 54th Streeet

From a young age Adelaide faced her own personal struggles with chronic back pain.

With the help of massage therapy and other back treatment practices, she was able to manage her pain. Massage therapy opened a new world for Adelaide and sparked an early interest in the health and wellness industry. She is well versed in deep tissue, therapeutic, injury recovery, and prenatal. Her interest in movement lead her to our stretching program and she is now an active participant in that program as well. She is an active hiker, has 2 dogs and speaks french.

After graduating from New York College of Health Professions she became a New York State licensed massage therapist and is a member of the American Massage Therapist Association. She personalizes every treatment to tailor her client’s needs and expectations. Speaks French.

Veronica - Medical, Active Release, Sport, Prenatal Massage LMT

<span>Veronica</span> - Medical, Active Release, Sport, Prenatal Massage LMT

Mon, Thu, Fri & Sat PM

34th Street and 54th Street

Veronica is a skillful therapist with 16 years of experience. She takes a more therapeutic approach to her work, combining techniques to achieve maximum results. She blends Swedish with Deep Tissue, Trigger Point work, Myofascial and ART movements to open up problem areas, stretch the muscles and encourage movement in the joints. She has worked in chiropractic and sports medicine practices, working alongside doctors and physical therapists. Her clientele has included professional athletes, marathoners, dancers, Wall Street investors, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, teen athletes, and everyone in between. A series of sessions aimed to improve function and quality of life is the ultimate goal for everyone, so they can continue living their best lives!

Check out her Therapist Profile for more details!

Meagen - Therapeutic, Medical, Lymphatic and Sports Massage LMT (Bilingual)

<span>Meagen</span> - Therapeutic, Medical, Lymphatic and Sports Massage LMT (Bilingual)

Sun, Mon & Thu PM

34th Street and 54th Street

Meagen (she/her) has a degree of Occupational Studies of Massage Therapy from the renowned Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York City. She is both state-licensed and nationally certified.

Meagen approaches massage therapy with the mind of a problem solver. She encourages body awareness and loves to educate her clients, to aid in self-care. She performs sessions of 60, 90, or 120 minutes of Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, sports massage, and prenatal, and customizes each session for maximum outcome. She is detail-oriented and leads an active sporty life.

What sets her work apart is its technicality and amazing results within the span of one session. She is Spanish-English bilingual and prides herself working with a size-, age-, race- and gender-diverse population. Being the inquisitive science nerd that Meagen is, she can be found on her off-hours reading abstracts of various medical research studies or related articles. Meagan likes to work scent-free as she is sensitive to smells. Is fluent in Spanish.

Read more about her in her Therapist Profile!

Matt - Therapeutic, Sports, TMJ, Chronic Pain Management, Injury LMT

Sun, Mon, Tue & Thu PM

34th Street

(he/him) Matt’s journey in the health and wellness field started by necessity after many years of struggling with chronic pain. A self-professed nerd, he fell in love with everything relating to massage, movement, pain, and physiology. Matt became a personal trainer in 2008, but since 2015 his main focus has been at Body Mechanics providing science-based massage for pain management and performance enhancement.

Matt’s passion for sharing all that he’s learned has led to writing highly acclaimed articles, being an invited expert for interviews, and a teaching position at the Pacific College of Health and Science where he has been an adjunct professor since 2021.

Read more about Matt on his Sports Massage Therapist Profile

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