• Beret Kirkeby, Owner of Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage NYCWe will measure success by quality of care, rather than profit made. Making a profit is important in any business, but at Body Mechanics Massage NYC we have chosen to look at our investment as a long term return. You will never be rushed, booked back-to-back, or be pressured into more care.  Our standards are to get you on a schedule that works for your needs for preventive care, and off the table for injury/recovery.
  • We will not market to you, we figure that you know what you want at this point in your life. The only emails you will get from us are reminders and if it is something really important.
  • We will uphold the values of a medical practice by using massage in a way that is plausible for science. We will not use faith, energy, misinformation, imaginary lines, or dubious science to treat. We will not perpetuate misinformation or myth within the industry and will do our best to correct false information when we see it. We will not pretend to be able to provide impossible results.
  • We will foster an environment of learning for both clients and for employees. We will deliver one-of-a-kind personal care in the beauty of a spa environment but without any of the standardization  of a spa. Educating our clients empowers them to take control of their heath, as does educating our employees.  We want massage therapy to be a career not a job. Each member of our company will serve as a massage expert in one specific treatment while maintaining their expertise in general massage therapy. It will be their job to stay passionate and educate their peers on their massage subject of excellence. Rather than being one of many, each massage therapist will be an individual…this ensures that you get treated like an individual as well.
  • We will practice evidenced-based massage therapy. What does that mean? Our treatments will be based on the latest scientific evidence for results and we will uphold the standards of a medical practice. We will be invested in your health, which means we will refer you to other professionals, and provide home care solutions as needed. We put your health needs first.
  • We will pay our employees what they are worth, not what we can get away with. Massage therapists are title eight health care workers. The standard pay in NYC at a reputable massage company (which has not changed in many years) is $40.00 an hour or a low hourly rate. That may seem like a lot, however a therapist should only be working 5 hours a day, 4 days a week, because the job is physically demanding.  (That, by the way, could be around $33,000 a year with normal bookings, with no unemployment benefits, no vacation and before taxes) To earn a living wage many have to wait around for unpaid hours, work more than they should and are forced to ‘sell’ products at the spas in order to make ends meet. Massage therapists who are new graduates are often at the mercy of these employers.
  • We have decided the best way to change our industry is to lead by example.

* Even if you do not choose us, you can help by choosing independent massage businesses that do not abuse their employees. When a spa offers a 30-50 dollar massage, it is less than a therapist should be making hourly. Large corporate spas are not in favor of customers, or employees, they are in favor of money. 

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