TMJ Massage, Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage NYCApproximately 35 million Americans suffer from TMJ. While TMJ massage is not necessarily its own treatment style, we believe it deserves its own category because of the syndrome’s location and the way it is treated. TMJ can be debilitating for some and merely annoying for others. Complaints include chronic headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, pain and for some teeth grinding. While not everyone has all the symptoms, and there are a variety of causes, we have developed a supportive treatment we really believe in. We use both external and intra-oral techniques in our TMJ massage program, depending on your comfort level and need. Even if you have not addressed it before, we have, and you can take comfort in our understanding of the problem.

Our approach with the TMJ massage program is gentle. We include massage and stretching to help manage  pain, with a goal of improved function.   The TMJ massage treatment can be a full session devoted to head, neck and shoulders, or be incorporated into one of our relaxation treatments. Check our prices or visit us in Midtown, NYC today.




Watch a short demo of the intra-oral massage.

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I have terrible TMJ. Headaches, jaw ache, stiff neck. Too much stress and too much sitting in front of a computer which wrecks my neck. I’ve tried mouth guards…no good. My chiropractor helps but it doesn’t last. But when I began having Beret work on my neck and jaw the difference was amazing. She stretches my neck, at the same time breaking down the knots. She works on the small muscles under my jaw line. Ouch. But what an improvement. This is not a spa massage! This is a ‘fix a problem I’ve had for years’ massage. I immediately feel the difference. What she does lasts me almost a month with no retuning on her part but I only stretch it to a month because she has been working out of Brooklyn and that’s a hike for me. Now that she’s moving into Manhattan I will see her every other week. I can’t wait.

Candace L.
New York, New York