Sports Massage Therapist Profile – Tommy

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Sports Massage Therapist Profile – Tommy

Tommy isn’t a new face at all, in fact he’s been a part of the Body Mechanics team for over 4 years! He’s treated hundreds of clients, many of whom trust him to maintain their health on a regular basis, but we still wanted to dig in and find some tidbits about Tommy that no one would know. Here’s what we learned!

What’s your history with sports? Do you compete? Train? Maybe just watch?

Tommy – From the ages of 4 – 10, I practiced Martial Arts. As I got older I gave up on Martial Arts to focus on playing football, baseball & lacrosse during high school. After high school, I became fascinated with bodybuilding. I had abs for the first time in my life! But…I still couldn’t lift my own body weight in a pull-up.

My goal became to be able to do 10 perfect pull-ups which lead me down the rabbit hole of bodyweight training. Before the pandemic I had just started practicing Jiu Jitsu and really enjoyed it. I would love to go back when I feel it is safe to do so.

Can you share one experience, as someone who knows their body and is active, that has greatly impacted your massage

Tommy Over the past few years I have overused my body so much. I have developed and sometimes gotten rid of many of the same symptoms my clients complain of. I’m currently dealing with a chronic pain in my shoulder. It isn’t so bad that it affects my work but I have to be mindful of not letting it rest.

What is your best uh oh story? A time you really messed something up with your body.

TommyWhen I first started Jiu Jitsu I had a sparring session where I was put into a choke hold and restraint. I was trying to escape a move and twisted my torso really hard, which my opponent squeezed his legs and arms around me even harder. I bruised my rib and had to work through that pain for a month!

If you could try any sport/or amazing physical activity what would it be?

TommyGymnastics, Olympic Lifting, & MMA

How did you get into sports massage? 

TommyI was going to school for acupuncture. My teacher at the time was an acupuncturist and a massage therapist. She suggested I get licensed in massage therapy first. I fell in love with massage therapy and completely lost my interest in becoming an Acupuncturist.

Are there any athletes you would love to work on? 

Tommy – I enjoy working on all athletes. None specifically!

What sets your sports massage apart from anyone else?

Tommy – My ability to understand my clients experience as my own. Since I have had and still get some of the issues my clients come in with I tailor my techniques using educated, experienced empathy.

What are your favorite kinds of people to treat and why?

Tommy – Anyone who needs my help! I like to teach people to help themselves after I treat them. People think they have to do big expensive things to feel better but there is a lot of knowledge out there that can teach people to help themselves. I guide everyone I can to that info.

Who is your favorite person who works in pain science? (doctor, personality on youtube or insta, website?) 

Tommy – One of our own therapists at Body Mechanics, Matt Danzinger. Sometimes the big people in the field are less reachable and sometimes even unpractical. Matt and I work in the exact same environment. Our interpretations of an issue come from a similar starting point, as opposed to where maybe a physical therapist or chiropractor would need to approach something. Even if we disagree on something we are speaking the same language. Our conversations and analysis have facilitated my growth at a much faster rate then my other work environments.

Are there any oddball facts we do not know about you that we should? 

Tommy – When I was younger, I used to believe Coffee was a scam! Hahaha! How could that smelly brown liquid make you stay awake?

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