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Everyone Starts Somewhere

Body Mechanics
Hi and welcome to Body Mechanics Massage New York. Every one has to start some where and this is what we looked like before we opened. Actually, we had been looking for a space for over a year and a half before we settled on the Grand Central location. Turns out shopping for a massage space in New York City can be a little challenging!

We are however thrilled to be in this new location, after working from Bushwick for so long. We do things a little differently here at our location than at some of the other studios in NYC so you might want to take a peek at the rest of the website. We are committed to the practice of orthopedic massage therapy, the owner is a massage therapist, which means that your treatments are guided by someone who knows massage in and out. We consider ourselves and try to conduct ourselves as a medical practice, so even though we are not a doctors office you will find the same level of professionalism here. Another thing that makes us different is we are not a factory of massage, we do not book clients back to back, the goal is not to see as many clients as we can in a day, it is to create a great service with great results. Most of all, we are not just ‘rubbing’ at this location. We are highly trained professionals who will asses you using orthopedic testing and develop a treatment program for you that not only fits into your life but effects it. We are invested in our clients health and chart their progress from day one.

If you want more information on our services please feel free to contact us at info@bodymechanicsnyc.com

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