Lymphatic Drainage massage therapy in nycLymphatic Drainage Therapy for post-surgical swelling and Lymph disorders

This program is currently available with Bree on Friday morning and Saturday afternoons. Lymphatic treatments work best when grouped together in a series of 2-5 treatments over a span of multiple days.

Your lymph system is a prime mover of fluid in the body and directly tied to your immunity. You can think of it as a vast interlocking alleyway system between houses in a city. It may not be where the main street traffic is, but it is where all the major garbage pickups are as well as the storage of important core functions.

The lymphatic system can be acutely damaged through surgery, trauma, chronic conditions, systemic issues, or poor circulation. Alternately you may want to work with your health lymphatic system as part of your health regime.

When the system malfunctions or is taxed in such a way, an experienced therapist can help facilitate the fluid manually through the channels and nodes to relieve the pressure locally. Lymphatic Drainage NYC Therapy is generally slow and uses light touch to effectively move fluid when your body cannot.

Lymphatic massage therapy is incredibly useful for post surgical swelling, people who have had lymph node removal or damage and chronic lymph conditions.

*First time lymph appointments cannot be booked online please call the desk at 212-600-4808. Before booking this appointment post surgery or have complex underlying health conditions, you must be cleared by your doctor or following his expected recommendation for treatment. Please come prepared with a note. We will not risk your health. During the treatment you must be able to lie comfortably on a table. If you come in too early, you will be sent home. Your health is our prime concern, having treatment too early does not help you. 

*Lymphedema is a different condition than swelling or edema. For Lymphedema, you must see a doctor. 


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