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Massage Therapy and Pain (Continued)

  Massage Therapy and Pain – Working with Clients in the Pain Zone   This is a continuation of the last pain blog which offered some history on pain science and also some really general guidelines on massage therapy and pain. If your client has no red flags in assessment and you have decided it is safe […]

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massage therapy is like beer

What does Massage Therapy mean?

When I lived in Ontario, it always gave me a chuckle that, if I wanted to buy beer, I had to go to a place called the “Beer Store”.  At the store you walk in and order your beer, sight unseen, from the cash register, which means as a customer you have to know what […]

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Strength & Conditioning for the Cyclist

  By Ivan Garay LMT/CPT Strength training can improve a cyclist’s performance and protect against injuries. Research on endurance athletes shows that strength training improves the three most important predictors of endurance sports performance[1]: economy (the ability to do a certain amount of work using as small amount of energy as possible), velocity/power at maximal […]

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