Breast Cancer Massage

Post-Mastectomy, Women’s Health

& Breast Cancer Recovery Massage Program

Lymphatic Drainage, Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage NYCThis program has been specially designed to put women first.  The intention of this program is to act as a supportive health care option for woman going through the recovery process after breast surgery. Goals included providing a safe place for touch, increasing and maintaining range of motion, pain/discomfort management, and all of the other physiological benefits that general massage can provide such as stimulation of the skin, stress management and relaxation.  This is a place where no explanation is necessary and you can relax and let someone help you.

Common complaints include: Loss of range of motion, feeling stiff, the development of ‘cords’, scar tissue, the feeling of tightness, lack of feeling, implants not sitting well, fatigue, general discomfort, inability to lie comfortably, and a whole host of other issues that come along with being a normal human.

Each treatment is slightly different in that it is designed for YOUR needs, but generally this is what you can expectAfter your assessment where we ask about your medical history, we will decide, with your help, how to use your time. You can do as much or as little as you like…including simply having a basic massage to feel good. You can be treated in any position including on your side, on your back, sitting, or in any way you feel comfortable. Leave that to us; it is normal. Generally, we start by treating conservatively based on your health history, as not to over-tax the nervous system. On later visits we can slowly increase treatment based on your tolerance and results. This ensures that your health is our number one priority. The treatment itself usually begins with a light skin depth massage to stimulate the lymph system; you can think of this part as ‘gentle stroking’. After that, the therapist will move on to any deeper work that you may need including skin moving, massage, pulling, stretching, resisted movement, mobility work and breast massage if called for.  If you are interested in receiving breast massage the therapist will drape you comfortably so that you are covered in all but the area being treated and will never touch an area you do not want or any nipple tissue.  As the treatment comes to a close your therapist might choose to return to the gentle lymphatic work again.

As with any medical treatment, there is always some small risk if you are compromised: If you have had lymph nodes removed, or previously had lymphoedeama, or are currently at risk for lymphoedemia, there is the possibility of occurrence. If you are still undergoing treatment, massage may be taxing for you. *If you are currently experiencing lymphoedemia you should consult with an expert in care for that, rather than seek massage. Anyone currently undergoing treatment, or recently ending it, we politely ask that you provide us with a doctor’s note so that your whole support team can be made aware and provide for your safety. If you have any doubt about whether massage is right for you, please check with your healthcare provider. The more information we have, the more we can help. We also require a doctors’ note if you intend to submit to insurance with our invoices.


You can book this massage under the title “women first” in online booking. This program is through select trained staff.