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  • all of our staff are licensed New York massage therapists who have gone above and beyond in training. They have been hand selected for Orthopedic massage and working with injury, because they excel in more than one area. 

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Sylvia sports massage therapist at 315 madison ave. NY NY 10017 Sylvia sports massage therapist at 315 madison ave. NY NY 10017

Specialty: Nuromuscular Therapy and Medical L.M.T.

Works: Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Sylvia is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist graduating with an Associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the Swedish Institute. She has over five years of experience working as a massage therapist at chiropractic offices and wellness centers. She is certified in Neuromuscular Therapy, a comprehensive system for treatment of structural imbalances and is currently working towards and Associate in Practitioner Training certification in Ortho-Bionomy, a modality which roots lie in osteopathy. Sylvia incorporates these modalities along with trigger points, myofascial release, PNF techniques, and stretching to provide a unique therapeutic session for her clients to help reduce stress, pain and discomfort from daily life, overuse or injury. Sylvia holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rutgers University and comes from the world of magazine publishing, which she opted out of in order to merge her passion for being physically active with a career in bodywork. She is a distance cyclist, an avid hiker and backpacker, runner and practitioner of yoga. Sylvia is also certified in Pre-Natal massage and Fascial Movement Taping.

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Richard massage therapist nyc Richard massage therapist nyc

 Richard is a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York. He has over twenty years experience working in all aspects of the massage field. Richard has worked  6 years with a sports doctor who treated professional dancers ,athletes and airline personnel for 5 major Airlines. He has experience treating many varied acute and chronic conditions.H e has worked with top chiropractors who treated Broadway dancers and personnel. With his experience comes many varied massage modalities that enable him to find the best solution for each clients issue. He is not only proficient in sports,medical, active release, and neuromuscular, but is certified in prenatal, Lymphatic Drainage and Cranial Sacral  therapy.


Sarah S.

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Massage therapist for sports massage and Tri's Massage therapist for sports massage and Tri's

Specialty: Medical & Lymphatic L.M.T

Works: Monday

Specialty: Sports and Tri's L.M.T

Works: Wednesdays and Saturdays


Sarah Sanborn became a Licensed Massage Therapist after a chronic running injury compelled her to understand and work with the human body. She went on to study at The Swedish Institute, graduating top of her class, and then dove back into training for triathlons. Sarah specializes in sports massage and pain management and has worked with World Champion triathletes and Olympic athletes of various disciplines. She combines modalities such as trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, fascial release and deep tissue work to help relieve pain and allow you to get back to doing what you love. Sarah is currently a Candidate for a Master's of Science Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and will do any race that involves a costume.


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Ivan garay, lymphatic massage nyc at 315 madison ave. Ny, Ny, 10017 Ivan garay, lymphatic massage nyc at 315 madison ave. Ny, Ny, 10017

Specialty: Sports and Lymph L.M.T.

Works: Wednesdays, Thursday, Friday & 



Former massage therapist at prestigious 5-star hotels like the Four Seasons Hotel, Carlyle Hotel, and Plaza Hotel. I have over 16 years experience in health and wellness. I am a certified trainer as well as a licensed massage therapist. I customize techniques from various modalities to best fit your needs. I am dedicated to fulfilling your potential for health and well-being.I specialize in pain management techniques like trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. In addition, I use myoskeletal alignment techniques and corrective exercise to prevent injuries from reoccurring. I also am a trained lymphatic drainage practitioner .I can provide post surgical techniques to reduce swelling and speed healing. Clients have always consistently told me that I get them and give them exactly what they needed.


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Massage NYC therapist for sports and fascia Massage NYC therapist for sports and fascia

Specialty: Sports and Fascia L.M.T.

Works: Tuesdays


Susan is a licensed Massage Therapist, and a graduate of the Swedish Institute in NYC. She is also a board certified Rolf Structural Integrator, specializing in myo-fascial release work aimed to improve alignment, and reduce chronic and acute strain. Susan earned her bachelors degree from Columbia University where she first began her studies in health science. Susan has a background in research and music, and is an avid cross-sport athlete, and environmentalist. Susan is passionate about helping her clients feel their best, so that they can live their lives to the fullest


Sarah A.

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 Sarah TMJ massage therapist at 315 Madison ave. NY NY 10017 Sarah TMJ massage therapist at 315 Madison ave. NY NY 10017

Specialty: TMJ . L.M.T

Works: Mondays and Thursdays


Sarah completed her New York State massage training at the top of her class. She has since practiced at spas, orthopedic massage clinics, and chiropractic centers in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Sarah found her passion for massage therapy while pursuing a BFA in acting, dance, and voice.  It was then that she discovered massage was a useful tool for isolating and eliminating tension within her own body.  This helped her as a performer by allowing her greater ease, precision, and functionality in movement.  During this time she honed her awareness and developed a method of observation that allows her to listen to what is going on in the body.  The profound effects of this work carried over into her life, and after years of using herself as a study subject she became inspired to share her unique perspective on bodywork with others seeking relief from pain, improved range of motion, and ease of movement.


Sarah is a musician, yogi, and runner.  She is currently working on a Myofascial Certification, and is certified in TMJ & Intraoral Massage, Fascial Movement Taping, CPR/First Aid



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Beret L.M.T./R.M.T has logged over 3000+ hours of Orthopedic Canadian education towards Massage Therapy and Medical Massage.  The New York State standard is 1000.
Athletic all her life, Beret has been competitive in multiple disciplines. She is currently an active runner and yoga teacher. After completing her BA, her degree in massage therapy was earned from Kikkawa College in Ontario, Canada, which requires a comprehensive two year plus course of study. In addition to the New York standards, Beret completed 2 years of full time intensive study in Orthopedic Massage, Assessment and Fascia Manipulation. As part of her massage graduation requirement, she completed internships at a Parkinson's clinic, an AIDS hospice, and a Naturopathic doctor's office. In her first post-graduation years, she practiced at a Medical Massage clinic, specializing in automobile accident and workman's compensation patients.
After living in Thailand and Bali for a year, where she practiced and taught Thai massage at ITM school in Chiaing Mai, Thailand, and became certified as a yoga instructor through Sacred School of the Arts, she returned home to New York City in 2011. She is licensed in both New York state and in Ontario, Canada (CMTO). She also is certified in Fascial Movement Taping, pregnancy, hot stones, Thai massage and aromatherapy. She spent two years working as a prenatal expert. Beret also has trained and practiced massage designed specifically for post-operative breast cancer patients. Moved by her desire to share her unique educational experience, she opened this clinic to create a place where people can achieve their physical goals with the aid of body work. 


She is also a Certified Padi rescue diver and Certified in CPR

Beret Kirkeby Massage Therapy Midtown Manhattan NYC expert in prenatal massage, sports massage new york. prenatal massage new york, tmj massage new york, sports injury new york, orthopedic massage new york, Fascia work Beret Kirkeby Massage Therapy Midtown Manhattan NYC expert in prenatal massage, sports massage new york. prenatal massage new york, tmj massage new york, sports injury new york, orthopedic massage new york, Fascia work
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